Occupational Hygiene 

The Work Health and Safety legislation of each Australian jurisdiction requires the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to identify hazards associated with the work environment and associated stressors, assess the health and safety risks to exposed persons and eliminate, or if not possible to eliminate, control those risks to minimise them to an acceptable level.

In order to meet applicable legislative requirements, PCBUs are required to engage a competent person (usually referred to in the industry as qualified and skilled occupational hygienist) to undertake the process described above. Once the process is completed for the hazard or a range of hazards in the workplace by collecting and evaluating the required exposure measurement data, the PCBU will have the evidence demonstrating compliance with the legislation with the aim of protecting their people at the workplace. The evidence can be in the form of an occupational hygiene scientific report or a program designed to define and assist in the implementation of ongoing activities for the protection of workers and others.

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