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National Asbestos Awareness Week 22nd - 28th November 2021

This weeks marks the annual campaign to raise asbestos awareness across all States and Territories.

All the State-based WHS Regulators, along with hundreds of other organisations, is supporting the National Asbestos Awareness Week campaign. The theme for this year’s campaign is Think twice about asbestos.

The danger from asbestos is far from over. It is still present in one in three Australian homes, as well as in public and commercial buildings.

With an estimated 4,000 Australians dying every year due to past exposure to asbestos, everyone plays important roles in being able to help reduce this statistic in the future.

Keeping you safe

The National Asbestos Awareness Week is a timely reminder of the importance of carrying out your work in line with work health and safety laws. These laws are in place to keep you, your workers and the community safe from exposure to asbestos fibres.

All business are encouraged to promote National Asbestos Awareness Week in their workplaces, as well as through their websites and social media channels. Each of the State-based WHS Regulators have provided a campaign pack containing a range of useful information and materials which are a great starting point for organisations to share this important information.

If your organisation requires assistance with understanding and meeting their WHS duties regarding Asbestos Management, feel free to reach out to the Better Safe Solutions staff.

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