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Planning for a Safe Working Year

New Year, New Ideas, New WHS Risks? One Better Safe Solutions Plan

The new working year provides an ideal opportunity for businesses and their leaders to take-stock and undertake a few simple WHS planning activities that if done well can help set up their businesses for a successful and safe working year.

Business leaders should consider the following:

1. Have we established a plan of WHS preventative activities to be undertaken throughout the year?

2. Has the WHS-risk landscape changed and how will affect my business?

3. Is my business able to easily adapt to the latest COVID-19 Government-imposed restrictions?

4. Do I know who my Contractors are, and do we have copies of their required insurances?

5. What is our Workers Compensation and Employee Assistance Program data telling us; what are our issues/ trends/ where should we invest to prevent further claims?

6. Has our WHS Management System been reviewed internally within the last 1 year, and reviewed externally within the last 2 years?

7. Have all our buildings constructed prior to 2004 been inspected for asbestos within the last 5 years?

If you answered NO to any of the above 7 questions, you and your business may not be fully ready to tackle any new WHS risks that may come your way this year.

The Better Safe Solutions team has available a short 10-minute WHS Quiz that can assist businesses further understand their current WHS strengths and weaknesses.

To access a free copy of this WHS Quiz, feel free to reach out to the team at

Upon completion of the WHS Quiz, just send it back to the team who will then be in contact to discuss any recommended next steps.

Happy New Year

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