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Protecting Your Business Over The Christmas Period

After a long hard year of work, everyone looks forward to taking it easy and hopefully having a bit of time away from work. Many businesses even completely shut-down for a week or two over the festive season giving their staff a welcomed break.

Unfortunately, this can be a good recipe for break-ins and thefts at offices and worksites.

A few considerations before you shut-down and your workers take a well-earned break.

· Conduct a Site Inspection and try to identify areas that people can access afterhours. Consider having someone assist you with this inspection, either a security expert, or even just a colleague or friend that is not that familiar with the area being inspected. Often a fresh-set-of-eyes will pick up new points to consider.

· Consider engaging security to undertake random patrols of your sites/ offices.

· Ensure your security alarms and cameras are working effectively.

· If you are arranging for bulk deliveries for the new work year, such as new office equipment/ computers etc., ensure there is someone available to take delivery, and that they are stored away from public view.

· If you have already unboxed your new office equipment/ computers etc., ensure that any identifying packaging is not left out in public view for rubbish collection, as this will easily show passers-by all the nice new goodies that you have inside.

A few simple risk management considerations before going on leave may prevent the heartache of dealing with break-ins and thefts over the festive season.

If your business requires risk management assistance in preparing for its Christmas office/ site closures, feel reach to reach out to the Better Safe Solutions team

Season’s Greetings from the Better Safe Solutions team.

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